Is the Holiday Season a good time to buy?

Tis the season of spending. The end of the year is known for spending money on all things festive: gifts, celebrations, and family. Should you also put buying a house on your holiday shopping list? I think so!

Here are five insightful reasons to help you make that step towards buying a home during the holiday season:

 • It’s not as overwhelming:in the winter months, there is less demand on listings, giving your agent more time to focus on your specific needs. 

 • Envision what’s in store:For couples and families who dream of spending future holidays and entertaining together, house shopping in the winter months can give you a chance to picture what your new festive home will look like!  

• You might get a better deal:Sellers are more motivated to sell in the winter.  Traditionally a sluggish time, take advantage of the willingness of the sellers.  If sellers are trying to sell their home in the winter, they likely MUST NEED to sell, so you can land a great deal. 

 • Put your vacation to work:Taking some time off during the holidays could also mean time to house hunt around the block or elsewhere!

• Fewer chances for multiple offers:low buyer activity in the winter months also translates into few offers placed on listings.  So brave the cold and let’s begin your house hunt.  Here’s to a season filled with warmth, comfort and good cheer! Should the new year bring you a change of address, please contact us so that we can help make your move a smooth one.